We pursue litigation to remedy corporate and institutional wrongdoing.  This includes lawsuits to challenge breaches of fiduciary duty by corporate directors or self-dealing transactions in which management or controlling shareholders benefit at the expense of public shareholders. 


We represent shareholder activists to address corporate governance issues, protect the right of shareholders to a free and fair election of directors, and ensure that sufficient information is provided for the meaningful exercise of voting rights.  We assist shareholders seeking access to corporate books and records and in pursuing appraisal or other remedies to obtain fair value for their interests in corporate transactions.

The firm also represents plaintiffs in class action litigation against a variety of institutions to provide a remedy for violation of contract or other rights.  We understand the complex procedural and substantive issues involved in representative litigation.  


Our experience extends to federal and state courts at the trial and appellate levels around the country.  We work with local counsel in each of those jurisdictions when necessary, and with a number of trusted co-counsel when appropriate.  Although most of our cases involve complex factual and legal issues, our goal is always to prosecute litigation vigorously and efficiently so that it can be decided expeditiously by the court or resolved fairly by the parties.